The 10 sonatas for piano and violin
Thomas A. Irnberger, violin

“Irnberger-Korstick-Beethoven now also on video
After the release in four stages on 4 SACDs and the release of the complete violin sonatas by Beethoven in a box with 4 SACDs (GRAM99106), this complete recording with the Salzburg violinist Thomas Albertus Irnberger and the well-known German Beethoven specialist Michael Korstick at the piano is now also available on video.
The interpretations are innovative, dramatic, incredibly rhetorical and simply unusual. What is audible here and, above all, how it is made audible, is stupendous.
Supersonic Award, pizzicato

“Irnberger and Korstick succeed in producing fantastically sophisticated and at the same time captivating Beethoven interpretations. They can almost serve as an example of how analytical understanding and structural clarity do not stand in the way of vivid expression, but on the contrary can even enhance it.”
Culture radio

“Outstanding double
The absolutely note-perfect course and the sometimes ‘radical’ music-making create a lively, crisp and precisely formulated performance and dialog between the two performers. This approach is sometimes quite uncomfortable, but as a listener it also gives you the opportunity to rediscover Beethoven. This second episode ultimately underlines once again its potential as a reference cycle.”

“With his radical recording of Beethoven’s piano sonatas, Korstick had already set the direction, and indeed their first set of violin sonatas is characterized by a similarly rugged, relentless basic tendency: the popular “Kreutzer Sonata” is considered the wildest violin opus of the always unadjusted classic anyway, but this piece has never been heard as rabidly and aggressively as Irnberger and Korstick unleash its volcanic energies here.”
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“The tension of close reading: if Michael Korstick is the piano accompanist, then the soloist must also be a special one. And so is the Austrian violinist Thomas Albertus Irnberger. Together with the pianist, who reads the notes more accurately than most of his guild, he interprets Beethoven’s “Kreutzer” Sonata and the G major Sonata op. 96. The tension that results from working out the spirit of the music without damaging the text is something you have to experience!”
Wiener Zeitung

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