Piano works Vol 1
Préludes I, Khamma etc.

Supersonic Award (pizzicato.lu)

“His versatility seems to me to have been proven once again with this publication, but also his piano playing, which is unaffected by performing fashions and models. The twelve preludes of the first volume are given a clarity and transparency here, a kind of implied and concretized conceptuality that I hardly remember from any of the recordings mentioned for comparison.”
Peter Cossé, klassik-heute.de

“Korstick succeeds here in making fascinating recordings, as he devotes himself completely to the many facets of Debussy’s art, never illuminating only one aspect, but, in the case of the Préludes, knows how to combine extra-musical imaginations with structural clarity and tonal refinement.”
Fono Forum

“Here … is everything the music calls for: atmosphere, tonal colouring, acute observation of the score, subtle characterization and, not least, a beautiful recorded sound.”

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