Piano works Vol. 1
Des jardins enchantés etc.

German Record Critics’ Award

“Korstick, previously celebrated as a brilliant Beethoven interpreter, shows himself here from his most sensuous and cultivated side. The often seemingly simple, yet technically demanding, large-scale orchestral sounds are transformed under his hands into a dazzlingly delicate play of glass pearls with an almost narcotic effect.”

“With his colorful, nuanced play, he opens up Koechlin’s rich artistic world without losing any of its dimensions.”
Fono Forum

“If this doesn’t make believers of the curious or wavering, nothing will. In the upshot, some of Koechlin’s most beguiling work has, at long last, received the attention of a major artist. Not merely enthusiastically recommended but urged upon you!”
Fanfare, USA

“Those who have heard Korstick’s superb series of Debussy recordings will understand what I mean when I say that he really has a wonderful affinity for this music. Ironically, few other German pianists other than Gieseking really played Debussy well, thus Korstick is in rarified company in that respect, and although they may be some other well-known German pianists who can interpret French music this well, I haven’t run across them.”

“Korstick’s performances have exactly the quiet authority and poetry this elusive music needs.”
The Guardian

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