Piano works Vol. 2
Les heures persanes op. 65

“The pianist Michael Korstick shines here with a thousand and one ways of playing quietly. This is virtuosity beyond power and speed.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“Koechlin finds sounds of passionless colorfulness, far from all pathos, all storm, all unrest – and Michael Korstick, who recently attracted attention as a radical Beethoven player, breathes in complete harmony with his composer.”
Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Michael Korstick a trouvé la clef de ces textures complexes et presque orchestrales … il signe là une version de référence de l’un des grands cycles de la littsérature du piano.”

“Once you gain access to these slow, enigmatic tonal structures – even if the poetic titles such as “Morgenständchen” or “Rosen im Licht der Mittagssonne” promise an easy listening experience – the pianistic achievement becomes really clear. From the often technically complicated texture of the works, Korstick forms delicate, seemingly precious sound spaces in which the listener wanders as if in an unknown land, spiritually illuminated.”
Fono Forum

“Michael Korstick succeeds … in making this, despite all its devoutness, despite all its restraint, miraculously magnificent, inwardly nervous suite resound and vibrate with the finesse of an expert, but – as it seems to me – above all with the passion of a mediator.”
Classics Today

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