Piano works Vol. 3
Des horizons lointains etc.

” … and Korstick’s pianistic palette is able to reflect this richness of facets. What a stroke of luck when musicians of such standing take on these forgotten treasures.”

“Once again, the pianist takes us on a fascinating journey of discovery and confirms that Koechlin is one of the most idiosyncratic and fascinating composers of the first half of the 20th century, especially since the pianist knows how to reproduce even the finest nuances of these colorful compositions with great sensitivity.”

“Korstick approaches the works with the same proven virtues that characterized his first two Koechlin CDs: Sensitive, never forced playing with numerous dynamic shadings, careful use of the pedal and constant control of the sometimes lush chord clusters. Korstick’s sensitive but never soft-focused approach does the pieces wonderful justice.”

“Michael Korstick plays magnificently here in a program much more accessible than in Volume 1, and the sound is stunning. This series should be something like a standard setter.”
Fanfare, USA

“The third installment of Michael Korstick’s exploration of Charles Koechlin’s piano music is, if anything, even more engaging and teasingly elusive than ist predecessors.”
The Guardian

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