Pictures at an Exhibition
Prokofieff, Sonata No. 8 in B flat major op. 84
Tchaikovsky, Dumka op. 59
Lyapunov, Etude No. 10 “Lesghinka”

“Hand in hand with Horowitz”
Classics Today

“Korstick can play softly and delicately, and just as powerfully and with steel. He uses the pedal to a degree of color control that most pianists can’t match, achieving effects reminiscent of the gradient technique in painting. He is also an absolute master when it comes to condensing or dissolving sounds. No recording of ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ that we heard in 1999 had as much relief as Korstick’s, and none has been added since.”
.lu, Excellentia Award

“The experts agree: Korstick is one of the great pianists.”
Thurgauer Volksfreund, Switzerland

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