37 Sonatas

German Record Critics’ Award

Supersonic Award pizzicato.lu

” … an almost electrifying firework display of breathtaking virtuosity. What Vladimir Horowitz already sensed sixty years ago when he first revealed Scarlatti’s sound magic, Korstick heightens to a world theater of strong emotions, unleashed rhythms and free thinking.”
Attila Csampai, Steroplay, CD of the month

” … Korstick has thus succeeded in creating the ultimate Scarlatti album.”

“There is magic in the air with many of these sonatas, and Korstick knows how to bring these qualities out just about every time. Beautifully recorded with excellent but not too dry clarity, the piano sound is perfect for these sonatas, and all of Korstick’s life-enhancing performances are reason enough to discover or rediscover each and every piece.”
Musicweb International

“One would have liked to see the media image and the crispness of the music if, precisely, these two discs were adorned with a photo of Alice Sara Ott, Igor Levit, Grigory Sokolov or another icon of publicity, the media and social networks. Avec Korstick, il ne sera rien, ce qui n’occulte pas une réalité imparable: ces deux CD d’oeuvres de Scarlatti sont formidables d’imaginaire sonore, de finesse de toucher et de science de pédale, et ce, dès la Sonate K. 380, qui fait penser à Emil Guilels et Sari Biro.”
Christophe Huss, Le Devoir

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