Complete Preludes

“From a technical point of view alone, Korstick leaves the rather mediocre competition of recent times far behind. He throws down the treacherous No. 3 in G, which requires a loose left hand, with challenging nonchalance, and the etude-like bravura number in E flat minor can actually be heard prestissimo possibile, as only the pianist of the first recording, Yakov Flier, was able to do. Anyone familiar with Korstick’s art knows that he always pushes the boundaries of expression. The extremes seem to unite in the magnificent last prelude. The pianist chisels out the marching beginning in his inimitable steely attack, and it is a magical experience how this raging turns into a lyrical dream of almost Fauré-like tenderness.”
Fono Forum

” … an art of design that can be described as phenomenal. Whether highly virtuosic or poetic, Korstick will … Preludes with a sparkling imagination and offers fascinating pianism with great entertainment value.”

“Michael Korstick is a pianist of immense talent. These works present no difficulty to him and he is fully attuned to the wealth of detail which lies within this music. His playing in the Op. 38 set is at least the equal of Flier in his complete set or horowitz in the selection of eight that he played in his Carnegie Hall recitals in 1947 (Sony). This is a disc of accomplished, exciting and idiomatic piano music that would grace any pianophile’s collection.”
Musicweb International

“This disc is confidently recommended, both for Korstick’s muscular virtuosity and for Kabalevsky’s imaginative handling of mainstream style.”
Fanfare, USA

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